Until recently, the perception has been that fine art assets were reserved for high-net-worth individuals. At Frederick Charles Art, our foremost goal is to create accessibility of fine art to smaller retail buyers, collectors and even the fledging art buyer.

In 2020, the art market faced a challenging environment as in-person auctions were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, many auction houses and galleries shifted online, and the contemporary art market appreciated by 15.1%.

Now that the art market is larger, more global, more transparent, and is moving faster than ever before, there is a Huge positive outlook of growth in the art scene.

According to ArtNet AG, art has rapidly developed into a viable alternative asset. With over $14 Billion worth of fine art sold at auction last year, a hefty increase in comparison to the $10.1 Billion 2020 total sales, more and more family offices, collectors, and banks are turning to Fine Art as a viable investment.

The Artnet Data Science team can reveal that especially Post War and Contemporary Art are showing strong returns, with data suggesting growth in line with the S&P500. Modern Art and Impressionist Art are on a steady upwards trajectory. Old Master paintings are experiencing more tepid growth.

At Frederick Charles Art, we specialise in Modern British Art, with a particular emphasis on the Post-War period and have seen a massive uptake in Post War and Contemporary Art with a rise in recognition for Artists such as John Hoyland, Eileen Agar, Ian Davenport and Adrian Heath for their acrylic, oil and mixed media works.

Along with the new category of record-breaking NFT sales between June 2020 and June 2021, the Fine Art market continues to boom, with new records set for the highest auction sales since 2018. However, despite the high costs often associated with investing in Art, investment opportunities are no longer limited to the wealthy.

Art is a powerful class of alternative asset, and something potential investors should seriously consider when looking to diversify their investments, which is why Frederick Charles Art is here to support your journey into Art investment, whilst providing a transparent and time-efficient service that will keep you updated with market changes, trends and valuations, in addition to helping you identify opportunities in today’s market and finding the right work of art for you.

If you would like more information on the Art Market, Investment opportunities and more, contact the team at Frederick Charles.


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